Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Poll Result

Its disappointing to see that half the pie chart consists of Food Junkie and Skipping Meal(s) as eating habits counting 25% each. I am also surprised to see that Atkins scored only 1% when I thought it was popular here in the region, not that I like it or agree with it. I hope I see a healthier trend soon. Click on the image to enlarge :-)


shatha said...

ana atkins + counting calories
bas sij woooowww alot for junk food and skipping meals

Ansam said...

Yeah its sad... I personally dont like atkins! I love bread and pasta LOL

5roofa said...

3ad el mara ele fat 7a6a post 3an hal ma63am lool

nice to c it has a blog

thasnk for the info


LOfat said...

Thank you for the publicity dear :-) I hope you like it. I will check your post