Saturday, December 1, 2007


LOfat currently operates in three locations in Kuwait
We are looking into expanding to more areas so bare with us ;-)

To place an order, please call

Sha'ab: 265-0287
Kuwait City: 246-4367/4
Jabriya: 535-1016
Cell: 766-6733



Shoush said...

We ate so much from u the past few months.

LOfat said...

Thanks :-) How did you like it?
Whats your favorite?
We also have a facebook group called LOfat if you're interested ;-)

Shoush said...

Wala, we really like it. Being called "LoFat" automatically makes it guilt-free food. ;) I really like the burger! And ur pizzas r good. So r the salads.

Keep it up!

Ansam said...

Thanks :-) I really appreciate your comments and remarks. Thanks a bunch

Anonymous said...

Do you guys deliver to offices??

Ansam said...

Yes :-) We do

jooolz said...

i do order from lofat every single day im a regular customer and i really like the food but these days the service became soo bad especially the home delivery :(

Anonymous said...

hey , what's up !
i would like to know how much in month if i join with you ?