Monday, December 24, 2007

Functioning Right After The Long Weekend

After this long Eid Holiday so many of us will find it hard to stay awake and stay focused at work, right? I have some tips for you to follow;

It is very healthy to take a break every 45-50 minutes. By break I don't mean leaving the office heehee, I mean to stand up, stretch, walk around...etc. This means you go and get your water instead of sending the office boy, go to the bathroom to freshen up or have a quick 30 second hello to a co-worker, or send a fax or make a copy yourself instead of asking someone else to do it for you... or just try to stretch your arms, move your neck and feet while sitting on your desk.

If you can juggle than go ahead and do it, instead of doing one thing for long time... this will definitely get you sleepy and drowsy, whereas multi-tasking will keep you alert....

Speaking of staying alert.... avoid consuming too much caffeine, or just consume some in small amounts. Try to have an apple instead... Yes you read this right, APPLE! It does keep you awake :-)

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water... this is important.

Ask yourself this... How many times you were dead tired at work and all you could think of is sleeping, but the minute you get home you are wide awake enjoying the rest of the day? This is because you are in denial and you think you are tired when you are NOT! Its psychology.

Merry Christmas :-)


Anonymous said...

yesterday I was very tired at work and all I wanted to do is just sleep. I went home and I got all hyper and stayed awake until 11pm so yes LOOOL

LOfat said...

Its really psychological