Monday, February 4, 2008

LOfat Pizza

Pizza anyone?

Have you tried LOfat pizza(s)?

1. Cheese Pizza

Kcal: 581
Fat: 20 gm
Protein: 36 gm
Carbs: 62 gm

2. Veggie Pizza

Kcal: 690
Fat: 20 gm
Protein: 39 gm
Carbs: 86 gm

What are you waiting for?


chika said...

i always order the chicken pizza it's good!

LOfat said...

Chika, How do you like it?

LOfat said...

I mean rate it from 1 - 10
10 being Absolutely FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

waiting for you to cook and serve me!!

LOfat said...

Inshalla when the restaurant concept opens... will keep you posted :-)